Assisted Living in O'Fallon with More Independence Built in.

The same qualities that make Park Place such an exceptional independent living community, also make it your finest choice for assisted living and memory care. The reason is simple. Our goal is to make assisted living and memory care feel as close to independent living as possible, but with the added luxury of compassionate and respectful support.


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Assisted Living in O’Fallon, Missouri
When is a good time to make a move to assisted living?
What’s included in assisted living communities?
The cost of assisted living in Missouri
Tips for talking about assisted living
The Community at Park Place at Winghaven
What’s Next?
O’Fallon, MO Assisted Living FAQs 

Assisted Living in O’Fallon

With assistance with daily activities, you can focus on your life and wellbeing. You have the same tastes, desires, and needs you’ve always had. What makes Park Place different from other O’Fallon assisted living communities? Our goal is to help you continue to live life with meaning and purpose. Our goal is to make every day as engaging and rewarding as possible, whether we’re organizing programs, hosting a social event, or planning your next family meal get-together.

At Park Place, we embrace the Salus by Solvere wellness philosophy that helps individuals achieve success in their health journey. Salus focuses on the Four Dimensions of Wellness: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

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When is a good time to make a move to assisted living?

Moving from an independent living community or your current home to assisted living won’t always follow the same timeframe. After all, there’s no single age that works best to move into an assisted living community. Instead, family members and caregivers will typically come together to evaluate the need for assisted living in O’Fallon, Missouri.

The fundamental way caregivers and family members decide on an assisted living setting is to evaluate activities of daily living or ADLs. Children of older adults should look not only at the person’s health but also whether they can perform regular daily tasks without assistance.

If a person is having difficulty completing one or more of these tasks, independent living or staying at your current home may be a challenge. Assisted living communities will help with these tasks and more. Although in-home care may work initially when the person has difficulty with ADLs, the option may not be financially feasible. Also, in-home care has limitations and doesn’t usually include round-the-clock assistance.

What’s included in assisted living communities?

When searching for assisted living in O’Fallon, the individual or family member will review all inclusions at each retirement community. The ideal assisted living community will have everything the resident needs to thrive. Select residences in Missouri, like Park Place at Winghaven, will have an aging-in-place philosophy. Aging in place means that different levels of care are available on-site. Each phase provides more amenities and services to the resident based on their current needs. Park Place at Winghaven offers options for independent living, assisted living, and a memory care community.

Park Place at Winghaven provides more than just private and beautifully appointed apartments. Friendly staff members will be on hand to help with every possible need. For assisted living and memory care, this may mean getting help with certain activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, and medication management. Also, one of the significant perks of an assisted living community is dining services. Our assisted living community provides restaurant-style dining that features chef-prepared meals.

The social aspect is what draws many to an assisted living community. Residents are encouraged to engage with one another through any one of the countless activities planned by team members. Lifelong friendships form between residents as they participate in events such as movie nights, shuffleboard competitions, fitness classes, and much, much more. Peace of mind is provided to all through both the wellness programs offered and round-the-clock security.

Changing care

An often-overlooked advantage of assisted living in O’Fallon is the option for additional care. Although you don’t want to think in worst-case scenarios, there’s a chance a parent’s condition may deteriorate over time. Although your parent may be independent now, needs can often change rapidly. The Park Place at Winghaven provides an assisted living community with staff members that help with ADLs. The community also offers on-site rehabilitation and home health services. Most notably, a memory care community is available at the residence. Memory care provides a safe haven for those with dementia and other related ailments. Team members are available 24/7 to monitor the health and safety of all residents.


The cost of assisted living in Missouri

The cost of assisted living in O’Fallon varies based on the needs of the resident. Some residents require very little staff aid, while others could need more help with the activities of daily living. The resident, staff, and family members will meet to determine the best program for the individual. Once decided, you pay a single all-inclusive monthly price. The resident isn’t billed separately for housing, food, entertainment, and utilities. Once you know the monthly amount, you can figure out the best way to pay for assisted living.

Medicare won’t usually pay for the total amount of a stay at an assisted living community. However, the insurance provider may pay for certain benefits offered to residents, like medical services from visiting physicians. Medicare could also cover short-term assisted living stays following surgery. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is an insurance health plan offered to low-income households. Depending on the state guidelines, Medicaid may provide coverage to help pay for assisted living.

Long-term care insurance is one of the most financially sound ways to help assuage assisted living costs. The subscriber pays premiums with the price depending on the health and age of the individual. The best time to secure long-term care insurance is in your 40s or 50s to keep premiums low. The insured can later use the plan to pay for assisted living and nursing home costs.

Through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, VA benefits can provide a prospective way to reduce assisted living costs. Veterans and their spouses may have access to the Aid and Attendance benefit. This benefit is part of the veteran’s pension and helps pay for activities of daily living assistance.

Residents and family members can use multiple funding sources to pay for assisted living. Funds could include savings, a reverse mortgage, legal settlements, and bridge loans.

Tips for talking about assisted living

As an adult child, you may have some wariness over talking about assisted living with a parent. One of the most important things to do before having any discussion is to conduct some research. Know what assisted living communities are available and the services included. A one-time conversation with a parent about future care isn’t the best strategy. Instead, meet with one or both parents repeatedly to discuss communities and the finances required for the move.

Keep your tone upbeat and always emphasize that the parent is part of the decision-making process. Instead of undermining their fears and concerns, point out the advantages and how the move can benefit everyone involved.

The Community at Park Place at Winghaven

Get the most out of assisted living in O’Fallon community by choosing Park Place at Winghaven. With top-rated amenities and services, the community offers a place to enjoy life. Diverse menus are available at multiple restaurants located on-site. Meals are healthy and fresh while being served restaurant-style. A game room, fitness center, and theater are always accessible to residents looking for something fun.

A variety of floor plans is available through Park Place at Winghaven. All apartments are spacious, with a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom options provided. Spaces are fully furnished, but residents love to decorate their apartments with their special items. Staff members will assist with the transition and make the move an enjoyable experience for the new resident.

Family members are encouraged to remain involved after a move into Park Place at Winghaven. Visits with family are encouraged, with particular areas dedicated for get-togethers. Staff members plan events to include adult children and grandchildren. Visiting hours and procedures are subject to change but flexible enough to make sure you’re always able to check in with your loved one. In place of in-person visits, staff can arrange video calls to stay connected with family members.

What’s Next?

Call Park Place at Winghaven today to learn more about our award-winning community. Our philosophy abides by four main dimensions: social wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, and physical wellness. Our programs and services aim to create an environment that all residents can flourish. Once contacted, we can discuss tour options for you and your loved one. Typically, in-person and virtual tours are available.

We are also available to discuss care options through our website. Please fill out a simple contact form to receive more information about our assisted living community. Download a free assisted living guide to learn more about how we’re changing the way people think about senior care options. A senior living guide is also available for a free download to help you make the right decision for your parent.